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General Services Administration - Federal Supply Service
FSC Group 74 Paper Shredders

GSA-Contract GS-25F-0013J* for Intimus document shredders



Authorized International Federal Supply Schedule Pricelist
please contact Intraco.

* the GSA contract is no longer current (under renegotiation)





top security cross-cut shredders (D.O.D approved)

high security
shredders (NSA)



shredder supplies (bags, oil, etc...)




Information for ordering activities:


1. Awarded special item:
B-74-A Paper shredders and Shredder supplies

2. Maximum order limitation:
$ 100,000

3. Minimum order limitation:
$ 200

4. Geographic coverage(delivery area):
worldwide (except the 50 states of the U.S.A.)

5. Point of production:
Federal Republic of Germany

6. and 7. Discounts and quantity discounts:
All prices are net prices (discounts deducted)

8. Prompt payment terms:
2% prompt payment discount for payment within
20 days after receipt or invoice/delivery /
30 days net

9a. and 9b. Government credit card and discounts:
Government credit card payment is accepted, no additional discount applies to credit card payment

10. Foreign items (country of origin):
All items are made in the Federal Republic of Germany

11. Time of delivery:
30 to 45 days after receipt of order (or sooner)

12. F.O.B. point:
For shredding equipment: Germany
For shredder supplies: Federal Republic of Germany

13. and 14. Ordering and payment address:
Klaus Gerhardt Intraco,
Bruecker Mauspfad 613
51109 Cologne, Federal Republic of Germany

15. Warranty provisions:
12 months on material and workmanship (for further details please contact Intraco)

16. Export packing charges:
Standard commercial packing, preservation and marking are included in the unit prices

17. Terms and conditions of Government credit card acceptance:
Government credit cards are accepted.

Payment can be made in Euro or in US Dollars at the exchange rate of the delivery date. The exchange rate will have to be agreed upon.

18. Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance and repair:
Terms and conditions on rental and repair are not included in the contract - but are available from the contractor on an open market basis.

19. Terms and conditions of installation:
Installation is available for the larger shredder equipment (for details please contact Intraco)

20. Terms and conditions of repair parts:
Not included, but can be purchased from the contractor on an open market basis.

21. Preventive maintenance:
A maintenance agreement can be purchased from the contractor on an open market basis.


Price information
The U. S. Government net prices herein are subject to change and subsequent update information will be distributed on a regular basis to posts. If current price information is not available at post - please submit a request for detailed information to Intraco by
eMail or fax message.

For ordering instructions, please go to the appropriate page products/ordering information.Thank you.




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